How old is the Daintree Rainforest?

If you read the blurb on the Daintree rainforest you will see the age of the rainforest estimated as anywhere from 100 million years old to 180 million years old.

Discrepancy in the age of the rainforest is borne from margins of error in the use of molecular clocks. This error is entirely acceptable and as more calibrating markers are found the gap will narrow.

Just because one scientist’s calculation returns an age of 100 million years and another returns 140 million years does not mean that the dating method is entirely erroneous and the rainforest has only been here since just after “Noah” sailed by in his impossibly large wooden super tanker.

Those of you who believe the earth is only 12000 years old, stop reading now as the rest is a waste of your prayer time.

The Daintree Rainforest could be 180 million years old

Have you ever considered how old that is?

If we write “2014” on a standard sheet of A4 paper and “2013”on the next and “2012” on the next and so on until we have written on a piece of paper for every year back to 180 million years ago we end up with a tower of paper.

The piece of paper corresponding to First Dynasty of Egypt (5200 years ago) would sit about your waist. The piece of paper written for the year of humans and chimpanzee last common ancestor would be at the height of 880 meters or 3 Eifel towers. (I have chosen this year as 8 million years ago, all the while realising that split might have taken as much as a 4 million years. Yes, you creationists, this means our ancestors were getting busy with all sorts for a very long time).

The entire column or paper would be 19.8 kilometers high. That’s a stack of paper 61 Eifel Towers or 23.8 Burj Khalifas high. A Modern jet liner at its flight ceiling would still be 6 kilometers under this height.

So hopefully you get the picture.

The Daintree rainforest has been here for a time unfathomable by our seconds and minutes brains

Daintree Rainforest Renovation

Mossman Motel & Holiday Villas began operation about two years ago. The previous business on this site was called The White Cockatoo. After a slow death the White Cockatoo was sold and redeveloped into the modern property it is today.

With the ravages of North Queensland and the Daintree Rainforest, the property was in a very sad state. The renovations were extensive with all interior walls of the villas removed and replaced. Behind the old wall panelling were reminders of the reptilian inhabitants of the Daintree Rainforest. Large python snake skins were removed, however no more visitors have graced us with their presence since.

All the plumbing and electrics were inspected and renewed. All the current regulations regarding electrical safety switches were met as well as all hot water systems installed with tempering valves.

Twenty four brand new kitchens were installed in the villas and main building. The villas were all given new bathrooms with modern fixtures and fittings. Every villa had a brand new deck constructed as the original decks were rotten structurally unsound. Every stick of furniture was replaced with modern stylish couches chairs tables and bedding. New floor coverings and a new ceiling completed the renovations inside the villas. Many guests believe the villas were recently constructed and are surprised when their true age is revealed

The Daintree Rainforest had made considerable inroads to reclaiming the site and subsequently 50 truckloads of vegetation were removed to reveal a very sad and depleted garden. Many more truckloads of poor soil were removed to aid drainage and then many more truckloads of high quality soil and mulch were brought back in. Meters and meters of turf were laid and numerous tropical plant species were purchased and planted to produce a beautiful garden that every guest has enjoyed.

Overall an amazing transformation has taken place that needs to be experienced.